Friday, October 01, 2010


So this is what it feels like to reach for your dream. This, my dear, is a dream coming true. And I wanted this blog to be the first to know.

Mark 27 & 28 Nov on your calendar, as it's going to be historical (and histerical as well hehe). It's confirmed, and it's official. I'm joining STAR Kids Fair that will be held at KL Convention Centre, and will be doing 2 quilling workshops (each per day). Yes, STAR as in THE STAR newspaper. And they're expecting 20,000 visitors to the fair. And greater news is, they're so very interested in quilling that they're going to organise quilling contest for the kids. OMG, did you just heard me squeeling?! And screaming? And getting so excited I almost throw up?!

This, is too surreal to be true. BUT IT IS.

And I'm not going to let this go to waste. I always wanted to do this for ayah. And I know he would be so proud of me! God, I'm about to tear up. Mum would be so proud too. If only she was here.