Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dad was hospitalized yesterday. He didn't get enough sleep and his blood pressure shot through the roof. And coupled with high fever, he was surely being hold at the hospital for a while.

I called him up today and e asked about my upcoming convocation (which is next week's Thursday), and asked whethe I've settled everything related to that (debts, convo fees etc). I assured him that I did. He said he just came out of the xray room and yet to get the result. Apparently the doctors are taking precautions for his high fever and checked for ILI symptoms. I said he could be held for a while there. He said probably. But then he assured me that he'll come to my convo still, even if he has to run from the hospital. And even wear a mask in the hall in he has to.

And knowing my dad, he definitely would do what he said he would.

And little moments like this almost make me cry. Things he would do for his little girl.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm totally freaking out. So many things  to do, so little time!

(Never thought I would ever say this when I'm not even a full-time worker!)

Orders are mounting, and my fingers are cramping over too many slicing, rolling, gluing, cutting etc. And one got blisters, and another being sliced a bit. I seriously need to consider insuring my fingers :P

And I still have 3 more chapters of a Master's thesis to check (of course not mine!)

And I just confirmed another interview for next week. Over skype. I have no idea what I threw myself into, but I'm going all out for it haha. Call me crazy, but there are things that needs to be done based on intuition alone. And this is one of them. I saw the advert online, decided to give it a try, they surprisingly emailed me and said they're interested in my CV and asked whether I'm really serious about it. and I emailed them back saying I'm dead serious about it (do rephrase in formal tone :P), and they asked for an interview, and a demo lesson over skype. With a topic of their choice, not mine. I just love looking for trouble, ain't I? :P

Told ayah and the rest about the interview, and they got really excited about it. Oh well, who wouldn't anyway. Even the fact that I'm one of the only 4 (out of 49 applicants) to be granted with an interview gives me chills (the good chills, that is :P) too.

Need to prepare for Power Point presentation, and need to figure out how to do a demo lesson using power point via skype. And to think that I've just installed skype.. *sigh*