Saturday, December 26, 2009

She never believed me when I said I used to bake muffins every week.

You're not that type, she said. You don't look that type, and I can't imagine you being that type.

Then what type am I?

You're the type who eat, not who cook.
The type who buy things, not make them.
You're the adventurous, daring, type. The gila-gila chick. And the modern career woman kind of girl. And that type doesn't mix well with Martha Stewart type. Ever.

Oh yeah, then you ought to get to know me better haha.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My name is Najmiyyah. It's Arabic, and it means STAR. And I think it is the most beautiful name in the world. And kudos to my parents for giving me the name that fits me best.

For the past 30 1/2 years, Najmiyyah has given me the strength and the motivation to live up to the name. You have no idea of how proud I am for being a Najmiyyah (ok, if you're a close friend, you might understand that very well hehe). I perk up everytime a Najmi/ Najmiyyah is mentioned, and thinks everyone who owns a Najmi/ Najmiyyah as thy name is a star by birth. (which is why I used to be a stalker to some Najmies hahaha! ops. blurted too much, am I not? haha)

And today, one of my favourite lecturer commented on my status:

"Congrats on being a star student. Just trust yourself ok!"

...which made me cry. and proud. and flattered. I will try my very best to trust myself, and to live up to being a Najmiyyah. Insya Allah.
Just got the result for the dissertation. Alhamdullillah, got what I wanted although a selfish part of me wanted more hehe - oh well, I've put up my hope on the impossible anyway, so I'm just going to be satisfied with what I have right now hehe. :)

It's a bit sad to read the Keputusan Peperiksaan part where it stated TM (TAMAT) status. I even asked myself - so this is it? I'm done? It feels like yesterday I stepped into 17 and had the first briefing and met everybody. It was on that day I told myself that I'm going to do well for the next 2 years... and now, such next two years is finally over, and Alhamdulillah... I'm doing quite well.

Now it's time for the next stage. What and where should I explore next?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Final result's coming out tomorrow night at 10.

I'm not nervous, just a bit sad that it's going to be the last time I'm being graded in this school.

Hope everything is fine. Will update once I got my hands on the grade. Am really hoping that I would get what I want.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Got my thesis back today. Dr F was sure in a jovial mood. She didn't even want to tell me who the second rater is - even though I have my guess. The thesis is doing ok, with some very minor ammendment. Glad that everybody's happy with the thesis.

She looks excited, and starts to plan few things for me to do for the next months to come.

Papers to write.
Papers to present.
New research to do (teaming up with her)

.. And she made an offer that's hard to resist.

I said I would think about it first. And asks my dad's opinion first. I'm not finalizing anything, but I'm giving it a serious thought. It's my future we're talking about, so it's not going to be an overnight decision.

This has surely shaking up my current plan. Need to discuss with dad first.

On the other hand, Miyyah@Kertas is doing quite well - with projects to keep me busy until January. Not much, but enough to keep my hands busy. Received my first bulk order for January event, and am really excited to pull them through. Now preparing for some samples and pricing for the client to see next week. Pray for me ok!