Saturday, October 31, 2009

Since I'm not working right now, and spent most of my time at home, waiting for THE CALL (to pick up the thesis), filling in forms, writing papers for journals (slowwwwly but surely), drafting PhD proposal (am meeting my unofficial advisors this week hehe), doing part-time works (Miyyah@Kertas & helping out a Phd kakak with her thesis).. so it's obvious that I don't really have anything to report, or blog about. Huh. And I hardly update my fb status lately. And even if I've updated them, it's either about my Kdrama obsession, or Kdrama obsession or when I've updated my other blog heh.

So again, if you're not a Kdrama addict like me, IGNORE this post. And try to ignore few other upcoming posts because the only thing in my mind right now is You Are Beautiful. The drama wave hasn't reach Malaysia on full scale yet, but I'm predicting that in few months, the drama will soon conquers Kdrama followers in Malaysia. And I will soon see my friends' FB status be flooded with YAB related news. Oh well, by then I'd probably cooled down (like BOF craze). So it's fun being all crazy now, coz nobody understands what I wrote anyway hahaha.

Oh well, like I mentioned in the last entry, I was hit with this drama unlike never before. When episodes 5 and 6 being released, I've already downloaded the full OST on my lappy, and woke up very early on Thursday and Friday morning to watch the newly subbed version of the episodes online. By episodes 7, I went crazy and watched the raw episode (the one without subtitles) 4 hours after the drama being shown in Korea. After episode 8 reached me, I've decided to reunite with uTorrent (after years of seperation!) and start downloading few episodes (and soft subs) on my hard disks.. so that I can rewatch them whenever I want to, without having to rely on Internet so much. Ok, this is the second time I've ever done things like this. The first time I was this obsessed was when Prison Break S1 & S2 was aired. That was also the first time I downloaded torrent files, and later learned to download the subs (downloaded an English movie with English subs once for class use).

Oh. And I already found a great place that I could watch the next episodes LIVE, online, and chat with addicts alike.

Episodees 9 and 10 will be here next week. So here's the routine I've put myself into:

9.00 pm: YAB airs in Korea.
9.00 pm: YAB airs on my laptop haha.

1.00 am - 2.00 am: Someone'll upload the raw version on Youtube.
9.00 am - Viikii'll upload the sub version on Viikii.
11.00 am : JB normally uploads the review on her site.
9.00 pm: YAB airs in Korea again.
9.00 pm: YAB airs on my laptop again.

1.00 am - 2.00 am: Someone'll upload the raw version on Youtube.
9.00 am - Viikii'll upload the sub version on Viikii.
11.00 am : JB normally uploads the review on her site.

.. And by night time I would probably went crazy downloading the torrent files on my laptop.

The drama will end at episode 16, so until 16 arrives, this is how my Thursdays and Fridays going to be. Hahahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm going crazy, again. Over Korean drama, again.

Warning: If you're not into Korean dramas, just skip this post hehe.

Just when I think I can handle my addiction, this new drama popped up. I hardly remember the hero though I've watched him before in Hong Gil Dong. I don't even recognise the lead heroin, or the rest of the teams. I wasn't even interested in the storyline, coz it sounded to cliche in Korean drama. But what caught my attention was when I learned that the writers for the drama were the same writers who wrote Delightful Girl Chung Yang, My Girl and Hong Gil Dong. And they never failed to deliver. And after the first episode aired in Korea, I've read the first episode review and decided to give it a try.

And. I. was. hooked. Pretty badly.

By the end of the first episode, I realised that I just fell in love with a man who crossdressed and wore eyeliners. By second episode, I went crazy over the songs that I don't even understand the lyrics. By third episode, I've downloaded the OST and listen to them everyday until I can hum. By fourth episode, for the first time in my life I've participated in the discussion on the drama at a Kpop blog. And I watched the Youtube videos (with English subbed lyrics) for the 1000th time today.

I'm going crazy, am I not?

The 5th and 6th episodes will be aired in Korea on Wednesday and Thursday (it's tomorrow and the day after!), so I'd be a busy addict on every Thursday and Friday mornings. The subbers for the drama were super fast in posting the English subbed videos online, so lucky me.

So if you're an avid Korean drama follower like me, you probably should watch YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. It's light, it's funny, it's full of angst and comedy at the same time, and it has beautiful OSTs. And the thing I love most about this drama is that it is so uexpected. Just when you think you'd get all the Kdrama cliches, this drama used ALL the cliches and twisted them into hilarious moments haha. Until you don't even know what to expect again. Haha. But just a warning beforehand, don't ever start watching yet, since it's just started. Give it a try once they've posted all 16 (or probably being extended to 20) eps. Or else you'd be like me, going crazy the whole week while waiting for the new episode to come out.

So here goes my crazyness (I'm kind enough so I don't give out spoilers hehe):

(p/s: By 5th and 6th episodes I predicted that I'd have understood the lyrics, and memorised the songs by heart.)

Friday, October 09, 2009

The orders are coming in!

Never thought that my debut entries for my Miyyah@Kertas at Facebook would receive such feedbacks. The orders are coming in!

I've received a total order of 13 card and 1 jewellery box... in a week!!! I'm excited to make this happen, and will try very hard to exceed my customers' expectations! This might be the breakthrough I'm looking for since I've decided to go all out for the small online business affair. :)

Since I still have 9 pending cards to do - for my lecturers and my graduating friends, and a paper and a proposal to submit (career-related) and a mountain of application forms to fill. And need to finish all these within this month!

Ye, penganggur sepenuh masa pun bz juga. :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

October 3rd, 1978 - October 3rd, 2009.

Happy 31st birthday to me.

Am a year older, and hopefully, a year wiser.

For whatever tomorrow will be, let's hope it'll bring better health, and greater success. I'm stepping into an unknown world this year, with future plans still vaguely seen.

I'm a bit scared of what the future may hold for me, but I do plan to face it as me, Miyyah.

I'm thankful of what Allah has given me - my life, my brain, my heart, my talents etc, and I'm also thankful of what Allah has not given me too. For He knows His stuff best, and I have nothing to regret of.

My 31 years of living has been smooth so far, Alhamdulillah. I'm praying hard that Allah loves me enough to still care about me, and to listen to what I've got to say.

Syukr ya Allah, for this age. I don't need to be younger, nor older. This age is simply perfect for me.

* pictures from fffound.coom & (I think)