Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My supervisor sent a message on Facebook today, asking about my thesis. Yes. I've been very quiet ever since we came back from Vietnam.


She never chase her supervisee before. Guess I'm the first huh.


Now she's on Facebook, it's only 'appropriate' that I should add her in my friends' list too right. Ok. Appropriate is not a good word. Obligatory would be better. Since I already have 2 lecturers in my list. Cari nahas taknak add.


Now she's on Facebook, I'm not going to be as bebas as before. She'd be having her eagle eyes on me at all times. Knowing her, even an update on the status would receive queries on why I can spend time on Facebook but not on my thesis.


I can no longer talk behind her back openly on Facebook. Just had a talk with Diane (new supervisee of hers) about her, giving tips on how to survive the consultations. (Yeah, it's being passed down generations after generations (of her supervisees).


It's official then. I'm going to be a quiet Facebooker for a while. Until I finally finished my thesis. Or else I would suffer the sharp words from her. every. single. day.


Now you know how scary my supervisor is.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've been tagged in Facebook and been dying to try it out. But somehow, I'm not really comfortable with exposing myself too much on Facebook. I thought of Facebook as my public face, and I'm not really sure that I wan't to share a lot of my private face for everyone on Facebook. There are still some things that are too personal to be shared with everyone. Friends are friends, but some are still strangers to me. Heh.

In contrast, here is my private space. And here's where I allow myself to write what I want. And where I could be free from others' news feed. Haha.

So here goes.

01 .:. A song of your early childhood.
Di pondok kecil - Nada Murni

02 .:. A song that reminds you of your first love.
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Pergi Tak Kembali - Rabbani

03 .: A song that reminds you of your biggest love so far.
Allah is Calling - Dawud Wharnsby Ali

04 .:. A song that reminds you of a holiday.
Say Tinh - Dam Vinh Hung

05 .:. A song that has helped you to overcome lovesickness.
Wish List - Pearl Jam

06 .:. A song that you have heard millions of times and still like
Words - Boyzone

07 .:. A song that is your favourite instrumental.
The Phantom of the Opera - Maxim

08 .:. A song from your favourite band.
Jikustik - Setia

09 .:. A song in which you feel yourself understood in some way.
Jangan Pernah Berubah - Marcel (yes, in some ways)

10 .:. A song that reminds you of you first holiday on your own.
Time of My Life - David Cook

11 .:. A song that makes you relaxed.
Han Dong Joon - Nuh Reul Sarang Hae

12 .:. A song that stands for having a good time.
Time of My Life - David Cook

13 .:. A song that is one of your favourites at present.
OST Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

14 .:. A song that you would dedicate to your best friend.
Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan - Sheila on 7

15 .:. A song nobody seems to like/know but you.
Standing at the Edge of the Earth - Blessid Union of Souls (ok, Tita knows.)

16 .:. A song that you like and that is not in English or your mother tongue
Ya Ummi - Ahmed Bukhatir

17 .:. A song you could put on "repeat" for an hour.
My Mum is Amazing - Zain Bikha

18 .:. A song that should be played at your funeral.
Songs from Al-Quran.

19 .:. A song that is one of the best ever.
All of the above.