Friday, November 28, 2008

I don't care what other people said about him, but all I know is that he was a good man. Which is why I cried when I heard the news.

Dato' Hj Razali Ismail, our DM for Education Ministry had passed away at 6 pm today.

He was a very close family friend, long before he joined politics. He was my mum's high school classmate and they had formed a very strong friendship ever since.

I didn't know him personally, but I know the fact that he was there during our highest high and lowest low. He never failed to pay mum a visit whenever she was warded in hospitals in KT and KL. He was there when mum was unconscious in IJN, and regardless his busy schedule, he was still there for Mum's tahlil.

And he's on constant sms with ayah, giving out strong support for each other.

Like I said, I don't care what other people said about him, but all I know is that he was a good man. Which is why I cried when I heard the news. Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Situasi 1
En. A (watak sampingan): Kome ni umur berapa ye.
Shida: Teka la...
En. A: (merujuk kepada Shida) Ok... saya teka kamu dalam umur 26 betul?
Shida: Uish. Pandai tu, betulla.
En. A: (merujuk kepada En. Shamsul)... yang ni.... rasa dalam 34-35 kan?
En. Shamsul: Err.. tak..... baru 26.
Aku: *muka terkejut sambil melihat Shida* (HAH! 26! Aku mati3 ingat dia lagi tua. Habis yang aku panggil dia Encik tu buat ape hahahahaahha!)
Shida: *muka terkejut sambil melihat aku*

Situasi 2
Shamsul: Seumur hidup saya tak pernah jumpa perempuan yang obsessed dengan komputer macam awak. Tengok desktop pun concentrate gila, tak boleh online pun boleh stress hahaha.
Shida: Dia ni, tido pun dengan laptop hahahaha....
Aku: Ciss...

Situasi 3
Aku: "Abang! Nak copy Sony Vegas tu ye nanti.."
Abang M: "Ok."

(Dengan nada separuh berbisik)
Shamsul: "Awak panggil dia abang, semua benda awak suruh pun dia akan buat hahaha"
Aku: Hahahhahahaha. *I wish.*

Situasi 4
Shida: Abang botak tu hensem kan! He's soooo cute!
Aku: Huh! I though I was the only one thinking that way! I didn't know you like botaks as well!!!
Shida: Yes I do!! Some people look good being botak.. macam dia.. umor rasa nak masuk 40an pun hensem.
Aku: Exactly! I've trying to tell that to my friends all the time but they never saw how botak can be called good looking. This is the first time ever someone actually shared my thought.
Shida: Well, I told him that.
Aku: Told him what..?!
Shida: I told abang botak tu tadi that he's eye-catching
Aku: *with jaw dropped* YOU TOLD HIM THAT?
Shida: I kan frank, cakap je la.
Aku: Well........ I guessed ok kot, you're married so no harm done. It won't be appropriate if it was me kot.
Shida: Yup.

Situasi 5
Aku: OMG He's so sweet kan?
Shida: Haah.. eye-catching.
Aku: Tengok dia pun tau spesis expert IT gila babas. Respect abis aaa... diam2 ubi berisi..
Shida: He looks very young though.
Aku: Tu la pasal.. gua siap panggil abang. Entah2 lagi muda pada gua hahaha. Muka macam around 27-28 la...
Shida: Or maybe early 30s...
Aku: Nope.. definitely younger...

Situasi 6
(lagu kumpulan Wow kedengaran dari pc di belakang)

Aku: Amboi... bestnye lagu...
Shida: Lagu zaman bila nih..
Shamsul: Lagu zaman dia (sambil tunjuk aku)... bukan zaman kita..
Shida: Hahahahahaahhahahahahaha!
Aku: Korang ni kan...Ada jugak dua2 aku sekeh karang...

Situasi 7
Aku: Shamsul! Shamsul!
Shida: Dia tak dengar la Mia
Aku: DIK! DIK!
Shida: Hahahhahahaha... pun dia tak dengar!
Aku: Encik Shamsul!
Shida: Hahahhaha ko panggil dia Encik?!
Shamsul: Ye?!

Situasi 8
Aku: Hello. ENCIK Shamsul, Sila turun makan sekarang!
En Shamsul: * dengan suara blur* huh?!
Aku dan Shida: Hahahhahahaha

En. Shamsul: Korang apahal tiba2 panggil "Encik" ni?
Shida: Habis tu, tadi penat kitorang panggil nama la, adik la.. semua tak dengar. Panggil Encik baru jawab hahhahaha
En. Shamsul: *garu kepala*
Aku: Abisla.. lekatla nama Encik tu sampai balik fakulti nanti hahahahhahaha
En. Shamsul: Korang ni...

Situasi 9
En. Shamsul: Nanti jangan lupa kenyit2 mata sket kat "abanggg M" awak tu. Jangan lupa mintak Illustrator skali.
Shida: Ha'ah.
Aku: Hahahhaha.. Will do. well, we need to do what we need to do to get things done right? :P

Situasi 10
Aku: Hahahhaha... tiba2 je tukar status bujang tak terlajak apahal?
En. Shamsul: Saya dah bagitau la saya dah kawin, dia lupa la tu... tadi masa dia announce ada suara2 kat belakang menyampuk... dah kawin.. dah kawin...
Shida: Hahahahaha
Aku: Oo... pandai ye... jom Shida.. kita kasi repot sama orang kat sana!
Shida: Hahahhahahaha...
En. Shamsul: *masih muka blur*

Situasi 11
Abang M sedang mengupload Vegas ke dalam laptop (dan aku dengan suspennya ada kat sebelah)

Abang M: Suka ambik gambar sendiri eh?
Abang M: Hehe. Tau la.
Shida: Abisla Mia. Dia kan terer IT sekali tengok kau punya laptop pun dah tau.
En. Shamsul: Hahahhahahahaha
Aku: *Mau pengsan sebab malu hahahaha*

Situasi 12
(dalam perjalanan pulang ke Sh Alam)
Aku: I thought Abang M tu muda lagi.. rupanya dah 32!
Shida: Bukan 30 ke? Tadi kan diorg announce semalam birthday dia?
Aku: Tadi I tengok nametag dia IC tulis 76..
Shida: Ooo...dah kawin tu..
Aku: Tu la.. ada gaya bapak orang sket2
Shida: Ha'ah..
Aku: (dalam hati) Penat je main mata dengan dia. *Sigh*

Well friends, the above would sum up my Perak trip. :) Shida and Shamsul, thank you for cheering up my days, haven't had that kind of laugh since years ago. (Shakir, if you're reading this, Shamsul reminds me a lot of you, dia cakap and gaya dia sejibik cam ko, so I can't help but cari gaduh with him as well hahahaha). And for the so called "abaaang M" hahahaha, whether you're married or not, that would always remain a mystery. Nice meeting you!

All I can say is, I felt younger when I'm around them (even though they were married and I'm not hahaha).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"You know what Mia, you should be honoured to be blessed with such a young look, coz there are so many others who would want to be in your shoes."

This is not the first time I wish I would look my age. I'm sick and tired of having to hear what others see as praises - but to me a sign of acknowledging my inexperience in doing things. Whenever I asked a stranger to guess my age, none so far has ever guessed it right. Well, not that surprising, really. I'm so used of getting that "surprise" look when I mentioned my age and they would repeatedly say "You don't look your age at all."

It's flattering, really, when I know some people would do anything to be in my shoes. But it hurts so much when you're not being taken seriously just because of your look. It wasn't the first time someone remarked how I was too young to do things, too inexperience to lead, too mentah to know anything and too muda that I know nothing about the world. I'm tired of having to listen to that. It hurts so much when people start labeling you from the way you look. And it hurts even more when those who are much younger than you being taken seriously because they simply look "older".

I'M OLD PEOPLE. and proud of that.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I really wish I have the courage that I need. Please, please, please Allah, let me have the courage. And please, please, please dear God, for only YOU understand what I'm going through.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good guys are hard to find. Once you found them, they are either taken, or married, or too young for you.

(In this case, it's all of the above.)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yeay! Finally, my little quest was over! Not bad for a first timer yang tangannya sentiasa menggigil ya! :p

Hehe. Went for a ride with Fiqa to find all the needed baking stuff yesterday evening and finished baking at around 7.30 pm. Had fun decorating the cupcakes, and Cik Yah and family happened to drop by last night, so it was a great experiment haha.

Baked these for Kak Yong's 33rd birthday which is supposed to be celebrated tomorrow, but I brought it forward because ayah is here (and just went back to KT today) and I'm not going to be here on Monday anyway. So it's a little advanced celebration. :P

I made the cake using Nigella's buttercake recipe and it was delicious walaupun bawah dia terrhangus sket coz direct heat haha! (Masuk lif tekan sendiri nampak). Remember my quest for 15 Nigella dishes for this year? The quest is still on even though I can't remember which number it is now hehe.. need to count later on. The Nigella Express recipe book was a great buy, and I'm considering of buying another Nigella's .

I'm still excited and plan to bake more cupcakes in the future. Perhaps I should go for the cake-deco class.. Hmm... mana la nak cari masa...

Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm tired, I'm sleepy, I'm dizzy and I'm craving for cupcakes. Not so much on eating them *suprisingly* but more on the crave to decorate them. Not sure whether I've told u about the last crave of baking a cheesecake (when I don't even eat cheese), but anyhow, this crave over cupcake has been haunting me day and night to the extent that I dreamt about it. Gua sudah kena jampi sama itu cupcakes!

Lets just say cupcakes are just part of my dream. Here's a list of what I have in mind:

1. Cupcakes
2. Tartlets
3. Strawberry shortcake - Na's style
4. Thesis

hahahahaha. Promised myself to submit my proposal to Dr F by Friday next week. And promised myself to bake/decorate cupcakes for her as well hahaahha (so she won't be upset that I've been postponing the proposal since last 2 months hahaha.)

Will be in Perak on Monday - Thursday for another WebTv course. Will be online since it'll be done at BTP Perak. Planning to drag Shida along as company, or else I'd go crazy being alone, and only girl around. Urgh. (Mintak-mintakla participants kat Perak hensem2 sket dari kat Johor hari tu hahahahahahaha!)