Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Melbourne Connection Inc. 2008

My dear readers,

I left my heart in Melbourne. To be exact, all of us left our hearts there. To think about it, I didn't really expect much from the trip, given that it was supposed to be an academic visit and not on holiday basis. Furthermore, the ones I was closed to were only Kak Dilla and Kak Non. Dr. F was more of a lecturer than a friend, of course. I've known Shida only from my frequent visits to Post Grad Lounge and I've known Didee solely from the trip. So of course I didn't expect much. Neither that I expect these so called strangers are now my close sisters. Yes, we are officially the sisters of Melbourne Connection Inc. I got particularly close to Didee, despite our age difference. We shared the same mind when it comes to shopping as we basically bought almost similar things haha.

The presentation went very well. Of course, there were areas of improvement but everybody did well. I was a bit lucky though, as I had the chance to present in a conference room full of profs and drs and phd candidates (while others present in an informal classroom environment), and my paper had received good feedback from the floor. I was nervous at times (especially at the starting point) but managed to finish the presentation ok, I guess. :) The best part was of course, being able to share my interest in CALL with other interested parties. I found one Malaysian Chinese who's so interested in my presentation that she wanted to expand it into one of her researches (isn't that great?!). We exchanged email address with a promise to keep in touch.

I wish we had more time to tour Melbourne city. What's a day tour compared to what Melbourne has to offer? However, in those short stints, we managed to see Melbourne at night (Friday's their shopping night out), and had the whole of Saturday for Queen Victoria Market and Federation Square. Wish we had more time for all the Factory Outlet Stores around Melbourne haha.

Frankly, before this I thought Melbournians were snobs (dont know where I got the idea) but it has changed completely once I was @ down under. Melbournians were some of the nicest people I've met, and I was surprised to see how helpful and wonderful they were! We've met wonderful Melbournians at La Trobe, on the tram, at the road sides, at the kebab store, at the pizza place etc... they were truly wonderful people. Talkative and friendly. Good looking and drop dead gorgeous haha. Quoting a Ralph Lauren model look-a-like Melbournian we met on the tram, "All you have to do is smile..". So that's exactly what we did, and wallah! Everybody was offering help even when we don't need one. Wonderful!

Of course, there's no perfect world. We've met some of the nicest people around, but we've also met some rude ones too. Not so many though, just a few. Kak Non became a victim of a snatch thief on one of the packed trams from Queen Victoria Market. It was painful for her, and a shock to us as well. But we managed to deal with it like matured women. Everyone was being helpful, and that's when I realised that this truly is an experience to remember. We were sisters, through thick and thin. The Melbourne Connection Inc sisters. :)

I wish I could write in details on what happened in Vegas Melbourne, but there were things that we promised that only the Melbourne Connection knows. We've added some new vocabularies into Melbourne Connection dictionary, and in which will never fail to make us smile.

All in all, if I could sum this up, from the August tragedy in Singapore to presenting papers to meeting the tram guy to meeting Lui to the night peptalks and to finding Gerogi - everything was worth the trip. ;p

And I've been thinking a lot lately. I love Melbourne so much that I have actually thought of going there for PhD (instead of to UK).

Now you know how much I've been in love with Melbourne. :)

p/s: Yes, I found Krispy Kreme.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We were talking to Prof S about our Melbourne trip and were discussing on how to prepare for the presentation when she came out of nowhere. Prof S was saying something supportive about our trip (can't remember what) when she suddenly interrupted our conversation.

"Alah Prof. Of course la dia akan present, dia ni kan anak emas kesayangan Dr F!"

And she said that with a high pitch in her voice. I swore I saw jealousy written all over her face. I saw Kak D's face changed and Prof S was silenced. I knew Kak D was in the verge of crying, coz I knew how much it hurt. I wanted to hit back, but thinking how much respect I have for Prof S, I just kept my silence. And Kak D simply replied:

"It's based on effort too."

My dear kakak yang perasan bagus,
Don't put the blame on us when you're the one saying that you didn't want to go even though we kept on asking.
Don't put the blame on us when you're not chosen to present because you weren't good enough.
Don't put the blame on us when our works are going to be published when yours don't even qualify.

Blame yourself for not working hard enough when you're supposed to. Dr. F had clearly informed the whole class how important last semester's term paper was, and she would only choose the best 2 to present in Melbourne. Just admit that you're not good enough. Admit that you're jealous. For we work hard and fully deserved this. For we work triple hard compared to you. For we are the good ones. The chosen ones. And not you.

God, some people can be so busuk hati. And the worst part is they're proud to show it openly.

Kak D,
She can say anything she wants. For we know the truth. She has nothing to do with our future, so just ignore the langau.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

.. and when everybody else plans for a shopping spree in Melbourne, I plan to hunt for these:

Lisa, I wish you hadn't told me. Shirts for the rest and doughnuts for me. Sounds like a good deal, eh! Hehehehehehhehehe.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This day's entry has received mixed responses that to avoid further controversy, I had to scrap it off. I wish I don't have to, but its just that I need too.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Settled the payment for the flight ticket today. I'm officially broke now. *Sigh* I spent a lot for this Aussie trip, so it better be worth it. And they better be sure to refund half of the money after I get back. (The price is only half the amount but we have to pay the full fare first and later been promised a refund.)

I still haven't fully prepared of what to present. There are so many things to do lately that I ended up doing nothing at all. There are like THOUSANDS of readings from Prof H, and assignments from Dr. H. The only class that I'm really looking forward to is Prof S class. (He's not a Mercedes though hahaha). He's our Curricular Issues lecturer but we learn more about art than about the curricular issues. Hehe. Which I like. And we have our weekly classes in his art studio. Yes, his daytime job would be teaching Arts to degree kids, and his nightlife would consist of teaching us Education related subjects. And he's an expert in both. Great, isn't it.

Back on Aussie trip. We've confirmed the flight so here goes the flight schedule (via Singapore Airlines):






20 AUG





20 AUG





24 AUG





24 AUG





I'm worried of the inflight food service hehehhe (me and the food again). Hopefully it'll be as good as the one in MAS and even if it's bad, I just wish it's not as bad as in the Turkish Airlines. If you've been on other flights. you can clearly see how MAS topped the others easily.

It's winter in Melbourne so here we go again. Another winter trip for me. But at least, winter in Melbourne wouldn't be as cold as winter in Aberdeen. And perhaps I don't need the winter coat. Just some jackets, sweaters, thermals and wraps. Need to go back to Terengganu next weekend to get some of the stuff.

It's another wild semester, eyh?