Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Berapa lama tak servis kereta?"
"Errm... lama..."
"Nasib baik tak overhaul.."

"Enjin dah berlumur dengan minyak tak tau kenapa. Dah tukar cap
Minyak break dah below minimum level. Sikit lagi memang x boleh brek aa.
Coolant aircond ada sikit leak. Tapi masih ok, cuma control aircond usage. Lama2 kena tukar coolant tu.
Bateri pun dah weak. Dah cukup 2 tahun dah bateri tu.."


TAA nampak ok. Cuma di boot belakang ada calar2 kena toreh dengan budak2 masa mengajar di kolej dulu dan cat hitam kereta yang dah terkopak2. Yang lain nampak ok. Masih setia menemani aku (walaupun dah lama tak ada aircond).

Ok di luar belum tentu ok di dalam. Macam tuan dia juga.

Yang pasti, RM700 melayang sekelip mata. Demi dia.

Friday, June 27, 2008

care to have a peek?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Am so tired. Been running around the whole morning. The new semester's going to open in two week's time and there are lots of things to settle before the 9th. Went to Bursary, get the amount for next semester then went to Bank Islam nearby the library (don't really know which road it is) only to find out that I can only pay at BI inside the main camp. Was so upset! They should have told us earlier. At least make a note or something inside our registration letter. Or at least make an announcement in the website so we don't have to waste our minyak money on roads. And to think that I paid Rm2.00 for 2 minutes' parking was even worst. So I had to rush back to the main campus and wildly search for the bank. I was not familiar with the surroundings ya, coz my faculty was in another branch, so it took a while and a few langsat to finally reach the bank. Luckily there were only few people at the counter so I don't have to wait long. Then I had to rush back to the Bursary to submit the bank slip. Then rushed back to school (which is nearby) coz I need to get back my sample final exam paper from my students. Then I had to rush to Seksyen 2 to photocopy for my own set (and sempat lagi shopping kertas) Then went back to school to pass back the question paper to Rita.

Yeah. I was totally going in circle today.

So when I nearly reached home, tired and sleepy, Rita suddenly called and asked whether I could see her to get my offer letter yang dah habis semester baru nak kasi (oh, Puspa was on leave). Of course I said no! Am going to meet her again next monday (exam day) so be it lah.

Plus, I need good rest. I have a game to catch tonight.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So everybody knows now that 2 of my teams were stuck at QFinals. Regardless, I don't feel sorry about them. I still sincerely believe that Italy did not even deserved to go to QF. And it had proved my point on how bad Donadoni really is. I would prefer Luppi's good attacking style with strong defending rather than Donadoni's defending style WITHOUT any attacking. Boring tau tak!

Portugal was simply unlucky. Or perhaps Scholari was too eager to start his new job early at Stamford Bridge. Hah! And Ronaldo was too busy counting how much he could get by moving to the Real Mad-rid. Ronaldo is one of the key players of MU great success this year, no doubt about that, but he's not the only reason we won. It's teamwork, great manager, and lots of luck. We'll see whether Real Mad-rid can really win if Ronaldo's around. If they don't, we'll get the last laugh.

Ok. Back to Euro hehe. Now I told you right to watch out for Russia. Hiddink is simply one great coach, and I love how he managed to lead those smaller teams to greater good. I have huge respect on this guy. Remember how he brought South Korea to the Semis of WC2002 when nobody even dared to bet South Korea to pass group stage. He really won the heart of Koreans, and still respected as the man who create the new Korean history. Then in WC2004, he was with Australia, and miraculously made them Quarter Finalists (and really close to make it to the Semis if it weren't for Italy), on their first WC experience. And now, Hiddink made history yet again. The Russians in the Semis? Now that's a great achievement as a coach. The best part is that when he could manage those big sharks, he chose to be with those unknown fish. And yet again, Hiddink build another dream with another country.

Which country is going to be next in Hiddink's list? Would it be Malaysia? Hahahahahahahahaa!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Running away way very tiring.
That's why I decided to stop running.
And start seeking
For things I've missed along the way.

Sorry might be the most difficult word to say
and forgiveness is the hardest to digest.
but they matter most.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I know this comes to you as a surprise.

I want to say sorry.
I'm sorry for everything that happened.
I'm sorry I was so stubborn.
I'm sorry I let my ego ran wild.
I'm sorry for the things I've hurt you.
I'm sorry for the things I've hurt myself.
I'm sorry for not saying this earlier.
I'm sorry it took years to forgive myself.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I've been holding on to anger all this while, but at the end, I am the one who gets burned. Betullah orang cakap kan, a mistake can erase 1000 memories. With Allah's will, I want to stop erasing them.

Could you find it in your heart to help me?


Friday, June 20, 2008

I have three different news today.

First, I officially declared that I hate the government.

Just received news that our Aussie trip will most probably be cancelled or either changed to a nearer location. Why? The school gave these reasons:

1. The approval from KPT is still pending. By the time we received the approval, it would be too late to get the sponsors.
2. Hike of fuel price so the school limits travelling to Asian region only.
3. Hike of fuel price so the school limits field trips.
4. Hike of fuel price so the students (with family) need to have second thought.
5. Hike of fuel price so the ticket price would most probably will be up.
6. Hike of fuel price so its not worth going at all.

I officially declared that I hate the government.

Secondly, its been quite difficult to keep up with the Euro fever this year. I managed to catch few games, but also missed some important ones. So far, all my 3 teams (Portugal, Italy and Russia) are still intact, even though I still have my doubts on Italy. Am waiting for the QF between Portugal and Germany. It's going to be a tough call, but I still have strong belief that Portugal can proceed to the Semis. I personally thought that Italy would bow to Spain, given the previous group performances. Spain won all three games and Italy simply scrapped throught o the QF. What does that tells you? Its going to be hard for the 2006 World Champs to keep up with the rest of the teams. And as expected, Russia's in as well! Good job Hiddink!

Lastly, on my scrapping life. The lovely hand-made Accordion Album and some embellishments from Yatie (the sponsor for the Challenge) safely arrived this afternoon. I was soooooo excited as it was my very first online win ever!

This is what I won:

An accordian album, flowers, flower chipboards, buttons & ribbons.

And right after the parcel arrived, I started making up my own accordion album )as I now have the example) and wallah! This is the result:

My own accordion album & 1 mini album

Inside view

Now let's start scrapping!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baru balik dari Pulau Kapas from a jolly good family day on Sunday. Balik-balik sampai rumah, online and received double good news.

First, I found out that I just WON May Challenge at Lovescrap (link on the right column) and will receive an accordion album as the RAK!!!! Excitednya as this is the first time I ever scrap a paper layout pastu menang hahahahah! First time join challenge that comes with a reward. ::Happpyyyyyyy sangat:: Thanks to Yatie, who organised the Challenge! Can't wait to decorate the album!

The challenge was to design a paper layout, a card and a bookmark using two designed papers and 2 cardstock. The best part, someone actually asking for the bookmark. And I'm going to give it to her!

This is my winning entry:




Second good news came right after. The 2nd sem result was finally out! And I SUPRISINGLY surpassed my previous CGPA. Seriously, I wasn't expecting that at all. I seriously thought last semester being my worst, considering betapa pemalasnya aku nak siapkan assignments, plus my carry marks for all subjects were not that good anyway. Thats why aku yang terkejut badak bila check result. Haha.

So, yesterday I went to One Utama with Fatin and shopped till I dropped. Well, not really. Sejak bila aku pandai shopping gila2 pun. Tambah minyak naik sekarang nih. Tapi I treated myself la jugak yesterday. So, sebab result best, I treated myself with these things:

1. Purple Vincci sandals (aku gila purple sekarang!)
2. Quilling needle (for art project)
3. Embossing tool (for art project)
4. Embossing punch (on sale @ Jusco!)


5. Kungfu Panda movie (that comes with large popcorn and drinks)
6. Chicken rice @ Chicken Rice Shop (sambil usha2 encik waiter yang agak jambu muahahah)
7. Novels (bought from Elin tapi x collect lagi)

Oh. One bad news though. Italy lost their first game against Holland last night. Why do I sense that Italy risks elimination at group stage and set to follow France's footstep last Euro? Aiyyoh! Thank God Portugal won.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Aku memang slow tahap cipan bila masuk bab-bab matematik. Itu memang semua orang dah tahu. Jadi bila harga minyak melonjak sampai terkeluar carta, aku la antara manusia yang paling slow pick-upnya. Jangankan darab bahagi, nak tambah tolak harga minyak pun aku belum lepas. Cuma yang bagusnya bila ada kakak, abang ipar dan adik-adik yang sangat genius matematik. Dan boleh tolong kirakan untuk aku. Dan cuma bagi aku kesimpulan yang paling mudah aku nak faham. Kesimpulan yang aku dapat daripada genius2 matematik itu adalah:

1. Kalau dulu satu minggu harga minyak kereta aku cuma RM30, sekarang aku kena isi kurang-kurangnya RM60 untuk jangkamasa yang sama.

2. Walaupun ditolak one-off subsidi baja mangkuk tu, aku perlu mantain minyak pada kadar RM128 sebulan untuk tidak merasa bahang kenaikan minyak.

3. Aku yang memang spesis tak keluar rumah kecuali pergi sekolah yang 2-2nya tak sampai 10 minit dari rumah dan itupun hanya 3 hari seminggu pun tetap akan terpaksa guna lebih RM200 untuk minyak sebulan.

4. Bila minyak naik, barang2 lain pun confirm akan naik. Berapa? oh prediction 6% increase in inflation kan?!

4. Aku predict Malaysia akan dirusuh oleh rakyat sendiri tak lama lagi.

Kalau manusia sejimat aku ni pun rasa macam tersepak terajang dengan kenaikan minyak ni, orang lain macamana? Kak Yong yang tempat kerjanya 60 km dari rumah? Nahar yang hari-hari telan jem di Federal? Abang Amad yang berulang dari Shah Alam ke KL? Kak Dilla yang tinggal di Subang Jaya, kerja di Jln Tun Razak kemudian ke Shah Alam untuk kelas dan balik semula ke Subang? Macamana kalau dia pindah ke Sepang nanti? Atau kawan2 di Terengganu yang perlu berulang Setiu-KT setiap hari? Itu taklah risaukan sangat. Macamana dengan Pak Mat depan rumah, yang anaknya ada 11, dan tidak bekerja tetap, dan dia cuma harapkan motor kapcai buruk untuk cari sesuap nasi setiap hari? Beras naik harga, anak2 dia nak makan apa? Pasir?

Hoho. Itu satu lagi. Konon2 beras turun harga. Wei ingat kita bodoh piang apa?! Yang turunkan harga berasa wangi je buat apa?! Kenapa tak turunkan harga beras cap rimau singa biskut yang lain?

Yang paling tak tahan, siap bleh main compare2 dengan negara lain. Ingat nak main sembunyi2 apa? Ingat kita bodoh sangat la tu, ingat kita tak boleh pikir sendiri. Singapore minyak tinggi pun, kenapa mereka tak kisah? Sebab GAJI mereka juga tinggi. GAJI kita? Mileage pun belum tentu lagi boleh naik, inikan pulak ada hati nak mintak gaji lebih..malam sket..

Persoalannya, haruskah kita menyepakterajangkan juga manusia2 yang suka buat pengumuman tu?

Monday, June 02, 2008

My dear gentle readers (if there's any)

Please be patient. For the next month or so, this blog will be bombed with facts, statistical analysis, historical figures, and a lot of drooling over men on field.

The Euro is finally back!

The whole house is adjusting for the upcoming sleepless nights. Everybody's picking up their favourite teams and getting ready for the battle. So here goes my choices:

First team: Portugal
Second team: Italy
Fav. underdog: Russia

Oh. And I choose Portugal simply because:
1. I love Scholari.
2. They have more potentials to qualify for the next rounds
3. They can win.
4. Most of the players are young, talented players.
5. They simply have the world's best player in their team

Ok, Italy would have been my first choice for Euro 08, but I have my reasons for making them my second choice:
1. I hate the fact that most of the players are kuda tua and believe that they should seriously consider having more backups from the young players. But again, is there any?
2. I simply hate Donadoni. Don't really think he's as good as the previous Luppi.
3. With France and Netherlands in the same group, they are going to face a difficult battle. It's going to be a group to watch.

But of course, I'm a fan of defending teams, and the Italians are still the best.

As for the underdogs, I choose Russia for one simple reason: I am a HUGE fan of Hiddink, and simply believe that Hiddink is going to create another history. Facts: refer South Korea in World Cup 02, and Australia in World Cup 06.

Lookig forward for the first Euro game. We'll be watching from Kapas! Now, that's another story for another day. Cheero!