Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puspa just called and informed that there will be classes for short sem. Means that there goes my holidays. It will be twice a week with the same group and I'll be teaching from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Now that's headache. But at least the classes will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so if I ever plan to go back to KT, I can also do that on Thursday and be back here on Monday. Hehe.

But looking at a bright side, at least the rest of the week could be spent on my thesis. Which reminds me to email Dr F and set a date for our first supervisor-supervisee meeting. Crap. Now I have to reconstruct my proposal for Dr F's perusal.

Need to go the library and spend time browsing through the journals.

Need to see Puspa tomorrow to send in the file.
Need to check whether my claim is in. ($$$)
Need to go to the library to return the long overdue books (finally!)
Need to ask the librarians about library's opening hours.

Oh. I've started my quest in completing 15 recipes from Nigella Express book. I've had French Toast Doughnut this morning and it tasted great! I'll snap picture tomorrow (coz I plan to have another one) and post the recipe later.

(Need to log off so I can experiment Nigella quest #2: Macaroni and cheese. Hehe. Will tell you about it later k!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Aku mahu jumpa Fahri.

Ya, seandainya manusia bernama Fahri itu benar-benar wujud, aku mahu jumpa dia. Akan aku khabarkan padanya betapa aku jatuh cinta pada segala-galanya tentang dia. Jatuh cinta pada ketabahannya, jatuh hati pada kelemahannya dan jatuh kasih pada ayat-ayat cintanya.

Fahri yang baik. Fahri yang malang. Fahri yang lembut hatinya. Fahri yang keras hatinya. Fahri yang lancar lidahnya. Fahri yang tajam bicaranya. Segala-galanya Fahri.

Wujudkah manusia sesempurna Fahri?

Ayat-Ayat Cinta buku WAJIB untuk dibaca. Carilah. Di MPH, di Kinokuniya, di kedai-kedai kecil di jalanan. Carilah. Dan bacalah. Dan percayalah, impak buku ini lebih besar nilainya dari seribu novel cinta yang lain.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ayah just called and told another great news. Teh is finally awake after a week at ICU. Alhamdulillah.
Am done with the presentation. Legaa...

And unofficially I've been assigned to my supervisor, Dr. F. Hehe, I guess I could never run away from her. The official announcement will be made in 2 weeks' time, and while waiting for the official announcement to come out, I've to start preparing myself with the updated version of my proposal so that I could present it to Dr F later. I need to start on Chapter 1 to 3 this break so it would not be so time constrained by the time the new semester arrived.

And Prof H brought about one of the best news ever. She wanted to work with me and Kak Dilla on our papers (for her Pragmatics class: the one I did on Facebook, remember?) and she plans to publish them in one of the linguistics journals. Can you imagine, me and my first publication ever? In a linguistics journal? It's like... a dream comes true! The offer seems too good to be true, and to be able to work with Prof H is like an opportunity of a lifetime. Plus, she's going to teach us again next semester so I am really looking forward for her class :)

After the presentation, Kak Dila, Kak Non, Sara and I had a chat with Dr F in her room, and she told us that she's going to push forward our class project that is to publish our papers as a collection. Waah. And she also told us that our upcoming visit to LTU will be for 5 days instead of 4 as planned. Hehe. And the most exciting news is that I have the possibility of being one of the presenters ;p (Again its not confirmed yet). Anyhow, I still have reasons to celebrate, right? :)

I am on happy mood right now. My new notebook is arriving tomorrow morning (I hope) and then I can start working on those 3 chapters (while I'm still in the mood).

Friday, April 25, 2008

I have thesis proposal presentation tomorrow morning yet I haven't prepared myself for it. I am not even sure whether I am going to continue with the current topic. Since its too last minute to change topic, I thought of going through with the current topic tomorrow, and figure out my real interest later, after I am assigned with a supervisor. I seriously cant think straight right now, since the joyous holiday mood has already taken its place.

And not sure what I'm going to wear for tomorrow morning. Should it be another casual wear, or should I wear something formal since the presentation will be attended by other lecturers as well. Or perhaps baju kurung is too much, and I should pick somewhere inbetween casual and formal.

See, I am more concerned about what I'm going to wear than what I am going to present. Bad Miyyah!

Ok. Back to what I'm going to present tomorrow. Ive prepared the powerpoint ages ago but need to have a through and final check tonight. Also need to print few copies to distribute to the lecturers as well. Yet, like I said, I'm having second thought about my topic.

I am a perfectionist, so of course every single decision is crucial to me. This thesis should represent who I am, and what Im going to focus in if I plan to continue for PhD. It is in the plan anyway (I still havent achieved my dream of being educated overseas so the one and only chance I have left is by doing a PhD. (Hahaha masters pun x lepas lagi dh berangan). Well, I am planning to reach for the stars, and even if I fall, I would fall on the roof and it would not hurt so much hehe.

I know CALL is where my interest lie, and I do plan to specialize in that field. The only problem is, CALL is a HUGE field, and I need to zoom in on what I REALLY want to do. And what I plan to research for the rest of my life (yeah I have that in my plan too). I love linguistics as well, and if it is possible I want to combine both fields. The problem is, after 5 years leaving iiu, I am not even sure whether it is possible for me to put my major in linguistics as I have to start from basics again. Otak dah berkarat (if only I pursue masters right after graduation...). Prof H also suggested that I should do the thesis on pragmalinguistics field as I show so much interest in her class, but again, I am worried of not being able to finish it on time.

And since the presentation will be tomorrow morning and I don't have enough time to redo my proposal all over again, I think I'll stick to what I have now, and continue with the plan of discussing with the supervisor later on.

Hopefully, all my plans work. Insya Allah.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The first time I had my own typewriter was in 1994. Ayah bought a brand new computer (Acer) and Windows was very new at that time. The old typewriter (which jumped spaces everytime you hit a h) was not in use anymore so I took the advantage and self elect myself as the new owner of the typewriter. I basically use the typewriter to type my poems, journals, and few of our group projects. But mostly entries to my then journals. I stopped using the typewriter when Ive comforted myself with the new pc. And when the ribbons run out and I dont have enough money to buy them.

When I was in Matric Centre, ayah bought me a brand new electronic typewriter. It came in a huge box and quite heavy. The whole room took full advantage of the new machine and we didnt have to queue at the lab to use computer anymore. The previously handwritten assignment later looked neatly done. The only problem with this new typewriter was the fact that you have to write the whole sentence first before pressing Enter, coz then only the typewriter would heat up and print out the words on paper. It was messy at first, but after a while, we got used to it. However, it is very sad to note that I managed to use it for less than 3 months (I think!), as a friend happened to misuse it and it broke down. I was so scared of telling ayah about the typewriter so I hid it. Until he totally forgot about it.

I only got my very first (and last) pc when I was in my third undergrad year. Kak Yong had just finished her studies at UKM and she brought back her PC from KL, so ayah handed me the old Acer pc for my use. Well, the truth is the computer was so old that we had to use another CPU for it. Pak Su Chen's office happened to have lots of 2nd hand CPU (to be thrown out), so he took one and gave it to me. It was ok, even though I still had to depend on Syaer's printer to print out the assignments. As long as I can type my assignments, put entries in my then ejournal (have them locked in my own pc), downloaded games from cds (it cant even connect to internet), watch movies, and install some pranks, it is fine for me. Towards the middle of the fourth year, the pc was affected by viruses and lets just say it was the beginning of an end. I lost every file, and even managed to corrupt 2 more pcs (that belonged to my friends). So I decided to stop using it and campak to rumah Kak Yong. Months later, when I tried to retrieve my files, the computer just stopped working.

And that was the last time I ever had my own personal computer. For all these years, I mainly rely on the lab's computers (when I was in school), office pcs (when I was in the office), home pc (at home), Cik Yah's pcs (at Cik Yah's house) and lately, I rely most on Abang Amad's notebook for my assignments and Internet surfing.

I am planning to buy a new notebook, but really thought it should be put on hold, since there are lots of other things to do. But again, like I always told my friends, semenjak buat Masters, rezeki mencurah curah. So when Ayah suddenly asked whether I need a notebook, of course I had to say yes hehe.

So.. thats it. Now I can delete my 2008 resolution no. 4 as the new notebook is arriving by the end of next week!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New wallpaper for the house. :)

It looks more cheerful with lots of lights, plus the picture is taken from a personal photo taken by my bro Hafiz on recent visit to Istanbul. I like this new look better. Love the previous green eyes, but I always thought it's a bit colourless. I love green, and will always do, but everybody needs a change sometimes.

And still, I don't allow any comment from my readers. Yes, I am being selfish, but hey, this is my blog. Ok. I do allow comments, but for security reasons, the readers have to put extra effort to reach me. Haha. In which I know not many would do (which implify the real purpose).

In a true pragmatic sense, I have the authority and higher power compared to my gentle readers, and our relationship should be an asynchronous relationship: me accommodating a plus P and you guys with a minus P. Hehe. Never mind if you don't understand that. (Again, the fact that I boosting up shows another plus P relationship hahahah).

Back to me being selfish. Yes, I prefer to be selfish, as this blog is not meant for any publicity, except for what it already has now. This is not a political blog that depends on the readers to spread the words out, although I might write about politics sometimes. This is also not an entertainment blog that needs popularity to keep on going, though once in a while, I do write about movie or drama reviews. This, my dear friends, is a personal blog, and is meant for personal use. I put this up for others to see, as I do believe sharing is caring (:P). I first published this online in a hope that it would give me confidence about myself, and in a hope that I would no longer be paranoid over everything. Plus, can you imagine how many trees I have saved for the past 6 years as I no longer use papers for writing out my thoughts? :)

I used to be scared of everything: being found out, being stalked, being plagiarised etc. But its been more than 6 years now, and I don't care anymore. I don't care who reads my blog. Ive never been stalked in real life (although had that few times online). I've been plagiarised once, and the guy did not even give me proper credit. But those are the risks I have to bear for publishing myself online.

Damn I am brave haha.

Well, I know I don't have as many readers as I used to have years back, but I know, there are still a small number of those appreciative souls, who keep on returning for doses of my humble writings. And these are the people who keep me going. Whether I may or may not know who you are, I appreciate you from the bottom of my honest heart.

(and if you are still single and looking, it costs no harm to introduce yourself. Hahahhahahahhahahahahaha!)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Glad to note you have been selected to head the entourage. July is an easy month and probably ayah can contribute too. Yes. The only problem I foresee is the duration of the visit. Too short. Should spend sometime in Melbourne.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

By the way, I have something to tell you. been waiting for you to come to tell you personally but you're not coming till end of the month, i think.


The school is planning on going for field trip to Melbourne on 24th until 27th July 08. School heads have approved and now the proposal is with KMT for approval. Acc. to my lecturer, it wont cause any problem, if we can find enough sponsors for our trip.

14 of us (1st & 2nd sem students) are supposed to go and I had just been made the head of the trip. All are fully sponsored (accommodation, food etc) except maybe we have to pay 75% of the flight ticket (roughly around 1K lebih sikit sebab maybe we'll fly with lowfare flight). If we can get extra from our sponsors, maybe we dont have to pay. Pocket money pun maybe provided by the school.

We are supposed to go to LTU, to present papers, forum discussions and do poster presentations. Only six will be selected to present our papers (but they haven't confirm whom yet), the rest will be involved with other activities.

(By that time InsyaAllah I would have received my claim from my other school and it would be enough to cover both the trip and my next semester fees)

So, can I go?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm psyching myself:

Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne

......... so I can finish this assignment on time (and with the hope of it being one of the best).

Thursday, April 03, 2008

If mak was still alive, she'll turn 59 today. If mak was still with us, she would have been so proud of me. If mak was here, I would never forget to wish her Happy Birthday again.

You have no idea how I miss her. How we miss her. Everybody remembered today being the special day, but we didn't talk about it even, as we were too afraid of breaking down. You have no idea how fearful it is having to hold on every single memory that you have with her, and trying to recall them everyday, as you don't want to miss even a single one. You have no idea how many times I've mentioned about her in my class, and every single time with such pride none would ever understand. You have no idea how difficult it is to talk about her, and how wrong it felt having to even refer her in past tense. As she is always in my present, and will always be in my future.

It's Friday night, so we just recite Yasin and Tahlil on our own. Privately (so we won't be seen crying in front of each other.)

It's the best and only gift I could give to mak now. And I know, that's the only way to make her happy. And proud of me.

Will go to Bukit Kiara tomorrow morning.

Do you know I still talk to her?