Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm going crazy over Project Runway for the past few days. Lets just say my break was lazily spent (which I wasn't supposed to) at youtube browsing over episodes of Project Runway 4. Travel channel will only making its debut this Thursday and I'm already on my 10th episode hehe. I thought of streaming the videos from torrents but thought that it would take longer than I supposed to. So I spent time clicking youtube instead. Hehe.

And while waiting for episode 11 to be downloaded into youtube, I actually managed to watch Project Runway Canada (hosted by the tongue-twisted Iman haha).

I am the queen of reality tv after all.

On other note, I finished Dr. F's second journal submissions, Prof F's presentation for this week and Prof H's presentation for next week. It leaves me with Dr F's reading for tomorrow class. I'll deal with that tomorrow morning.

I still have 4 presentations to go, and few major and minor assignments to finish. I need to take up a notch on my time management. Holidays just make me lazy.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Doh guane Miyyah, nok mok baru dok.. mok-mok sedara nok tolong cari nih..."


"Nok mok baru hok guane? Hok muda ke hok tua ke..."

"Daripada sibuk nok carikan hok ayah, baik cari hok saya."

Mereka pula yang diam.

I can be really selfish sometimes.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Syukur Alhamdulillah. Di saat2 bila aku rasakan tiada siapa yang mendengar, ternyata DIA lebih mengerti. Maha Suci Allah, telah Kau permudahkan rezekiku, dan telah Kau permudahkan doaku.

Amin, ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Speaker (S) asks hearer (H), “Would you mind turning down the volume on your radio?” and H responds by lowering the volume.

Both S and H spoke and behaved in a way that we would expect, S performed the perlocutionary act of getting H to turn down the volume. However, this case is problematic for linguists because the speakers meaning differs from the literal meaning. The literal meaning of the question is that S is soliciting a verbal response of yes or no from H (and perhaps followed by an explanation). However, S intended H to understand the question as a command to turn down the volume and H understood the question as S intended it. This exchange, while not uncommon, is troubling because one questions how it is possible for a speaker to say something and mean something different from the meaning of the utterance and for the hearer to understand both meanings.

That's the easiest part of them all.

I've been trying to read the not so easy part for the past 2 days and still having problem digesting the words. How am I supposed to present when I can't even understand it?

Learning Pragmatics is like having to read Grammatical Analysis and Semantics and Sociolinguistics and Discourse all over again. I know - I should have listened to Subra years ago. There goes another regret.