Friday, April 13, 2007

No, I did not strangle him. :)

I didn't even get mad. I didn't even ask what happened. I didn't ask what they said. I didn't do anything, but got even hahahahahaha *evil laugh*

I gave them homework.

2 essays (individual).
1 reading passage (individual).
1 summary (individual).
1 poster (groupwork).
1 forum outline (individual)
1 forum presentation (groupwork).

And they have to finish everything by NEXT WEEK. And I told them everything's considered as marks and everybody has to send them to me on the said date or risking marks deduction hahahaha.

"You're so cruel, miss."

Hahaha. I LOVE being cruel.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


didn't come to class.
daydreaming when he did come.
didn't send his assignment.
didn't even listen to me.

and DARED to complain about every single lecturer that teach him. DARED to say how he didn't get the syllabus, DARED to say I didn't give any test, DARED to condemn about absolutely EVERYTHING though everyone else backed me up.

That boy.
That ^&#@*$@% boy.

Aiyyoh! It would have taken me THE GREATEST PATIENCE not to strangle him.

Monday, April 02, 2007

What would you do if you know you're going to die in 5 years time?

Buy life insurance?
Get married?
Have a nose job?
Celebrate Raya in Syaaban?
Travel the world?
Rob a bank?
Write a book? Blog? Journal?
Take lots of pictures for everybody?
Or do good things to have lots of pahala for hereafter?

I'm not sure what I would do. Perhaps I would apologise to people I've hurt and forgive people who've hurt me. Perhaps I would not get married coz it would hurt my future partner so much. Or perhaps I should get married and have as many kids possible so they would be able to pray for me. Perhaps I would move to a nowhere land so everybody would forget me. Perhaps I would stop caring so people won't miss me. Perhaps I would sell my story to some mags and give the royalty to my parents for their next hajj. Perhaps I would seek my old sweethearts and tell them about my crushes. Perhaps I would write letters to everybody I know just to say hi (or post a will to a newspaper for all Malaysians to read). Perhaps I would ask forgiveness from Allah swt for all the bad things I've done. Perhaps there would be so many things I would want to do.

When mum was in her twenties, she was once told by a not-so-reputable doctor that she will not survive longer than 6 months due to her irregular heartbeat. She was hurt, shocked and heartbroken but she was brave enough to seek for second opinion -which proved that the first doctor was wrong. Yes, she did have the irregular heartbeat, but she learned that she's not going to die in six months. Miracle how the heart only caused her a scare at the age of 57 (thats how strong her heart is, considering the beats irregularity). And we're still proud to say that at 58 (its going to be tomorrow!), she's still a survivor!

And for Kak Wi - a very brave and strong individual - was very lucky to know when she will die for she had to do things she wanted most, for she had time to prepare herself for the worst, for she had able to appreciate life at its best. She was lucky.

Only Allah knows whats best for his humble servants. Innalillahiwainnailaihiraajiun to Kak Wi @ Allahyarham Engku Ruhil Salwana, former senior and mentor who passed away yesterday, at 4.15. Alfatihah.