Saturday, December 30, 2006


1. Be a good lecturer to the students. DONE!

2. Send out resumes to nearer colleges if the gas price hikes again. DONE!

3. Finish my English modules by March.
POSTPONED! 90% done. Pastu kena abandoned sampai skarang. Will finish by today!!!

4 Send out my Masters application by February/ March.

5. Enrol for a good Masters degree by June/ July.

6. Have a great trip outside Malaysia (at least once) before year end.

7. Organise a reunion/gathering (class/ unimates) DONE!
A small one @ KLCC

8. Update blog regularly

9. Finish hutang for TA'A by year end. DONE!
I'm hutang free!

10. Find maself a boyfriend :P

4/6. Very bad. I'll forward the rest of the resolutions for 2007. :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sebelah kaki aku sudah tercapai sasaran. Awal tahun depan, 2-2 kaki akan terjejak pada impian yang selama ini aku inginkan. Cuma perlu tunggu setahun lagi sebelum kepala mengikut. Dan segalanya akan sempurna, Insya Allah. :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How to answer the most difficult question in the world..
Bila lagi?

If you answer...
"Bila lagi?"
"Lambat lagi.."
- it would give the impression of you're in a r/ship but not ready to commit.

"Bila lagi?"
"Tak tahulah../Ntah.."
- its either you're in a r/ship that is going nowhere
- you lost hope of finding the ONE.

So, if you're single, not in a relationship, and the altar is still nowhere in sight, what should you answer to this kind of question?

I prefer a smile. Perhaps it would show much I detest such question.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I understand why you left
Is not because you hate me
But cause of love that I once gave
Is not there anymore

Sometimes when I dream of you
I dream a beautiful dream

Everyday I wake up
Hanging on a face that would never be with me
But my heart could not believe
How it was left in pain

This doubt is not on you
This heart is still missing you
This sorrow is just on me
Searching for your shadow
I‘m afraid of losing
Losing you…
Still searching…

This doubt is not on you
Still searching for your shadow
I’m afraid of losing you

Guess wat song is this? A collegue asked me to help her find a beautiful Malay song to forward to her pen friend from Korea. Since the pen friend took the effort to translate a Korea song for her, I helped her translate this song. THE song of the year.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I love Cinta, and I honestly think that it is one of the best mainstream Malay movies ever made.

And I love Rashidi Ishak. I think he just proved that he's one of the best actors around.

Ok. I was right on it being a resemblance of Love, Actually. If you try to ignore that, and just focus on the movie, you would soon forget and accept that Cinta is actually a good movie. I love everything about the movie, from the casts, the cinematography, the plot, the lines - everything.

My favourite scenes were of course with Rashidi Ishak in it. Especially the mandi hujan scene. The moment Anuar Zain's Perpisahan was played at the background, I started crying. Yup, I actually cried watching a Malay movie. Well, there must be a first for everything, ay. The ending of Shidi and Rita's story (I forgot all their names except Arianna, Azlan and Khalif - the only patung in Cinta) reminds me of Keira Knightley's scene in Love Actually. When the best friend used cards to express himself (I'm bad at names). Similar, yet in a way, its different in Cinta. I don't know how to explain that. You'll know once you watch them both.

All in all, Cinta is a very simple love story. There's nothing bombastic about the whole movie, yet the simplicity makes it interesting. And entertaining. And of course, memorable.

And I love every bit of it. Nak tengok lagiiiiiiiiii....!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Perrgh. Mentang2 new look macam nak update blog hari2 jek hhahahaa.

Will be going to KL tomorrow morning for another UPM short courses. Paper-marking, to be exact. Tho I dont have a clue why I should be involved again, since the questions are all in objective form and we dont even have any essay to mark. Seems like I'm going there simply to count the marks, instead of giving them haha. = another jolly good holiday for me. :P

Will be taking 3 days leave starting Sunday and will spend the days in Puchong. Been planning to do lots of things; from watching Cinta (tho I have a hinch that it'll be a resemblance of Love Actually), another bite at Secret Recipe, warming up for Jusco Christmas Sale, a Kinokuniya day out, and a visit to Ampang Park's Big Bookstore (as they have a HUGE Conan collection hahah).

Peergh. As if I have all the money in the world. Dream on.

See ya next week.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

We had lots of fun at Awana. :) The dinner was perfect. I wore my yellow punjabi dress with matching yellow tudung hahaha. Budak2 tu cakap macam orang nak bertunang muahahahaha. The food was so-so and tho this was the last dinner that concluded my unlucky year (NO LUCKY DRAW WIN FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!!), I still had some fun. The performances were hilarious and entertaining and we really enjoyed ourselves hahaha.

Remember my telematch phobias? How I trade my hand with some balloon runs? And the traumatised games at Bukit Tinggi that made me cry the whole day? Yeah. Those phobias. They didn't cross my mind when I agreed to join the gunny sack race this morning. Ha'ah. Camana aku boleh lupa yang aku jalan dengan kaki pun selalu jatuh, nikan pulak jalan dalam guni. U know when I remembered all that? In the middle of the race. Just before I stumbled. TWICE. In front of everybody. Macam superman. Yup, another bad telematch.

Then I freaked out for the rest of the games hahaha except the musical chair. Hehehehe. I WAS SOOOO GOOOD AT IT!!!! I got 3rd place, and lost to Kak Ya and Zira, both in bigger size than me haha. Now I know wat to join for the next family days.. hahahahaha.

Overall, had a BLAST at the beach - the games, the cheering (GREEN WONN!!!), the people, the fun, the seashells that I collected, the wet walk along the beach (dalam hujan!) with Gee ...(dah macam nak dapat flu ni...)..Enjoy giler.. Release tension hahaha.

And on the way home, it seemed like everybody stopped at McD Kerteh for another bite. Hahahaha. Jakun semua orang, since McD kat KT tu ntah bila ntah akan buka.. :p

So, at the end of the day, here I am, typing with haf-eyes, sengal muscles, reddy nose and numb legs. Grinning, of course. :D

Friday, December 01, 2006

Yippie yay! I've finally changed the background. Still black, but its simpler this time. The last template was sooo complicated and problematic. I cant view my own archives, and even the entries were missing.

Its much simpler now, yet surf-friendly. Made some minor changes tho. I deleted the tagboard/guestbook - since its hardly being used hoho, and put my email instead. Easier, for me of course. I love the half-face with green eye pic, its a bit comical, yet there's something deeper in it. Yeah, I dont have to paint the whole page in green to show how I love the colour. A reflection in the eye will do better (and no, I don't have green eyes nor I wear lenses).

Will be going to Awana Kijal tomorrow morning with Kak Su, for the college's family day. We're going to have telematch on Sunday, and I've been tormented with dejavus haha. Every telematch I joined before were not of my best memories. They divided us into 4 groups for the telematch, and unsurprisingly, I'm in the Green team hhahaha. You see, I've been a Greener eversince high school. And for Sunday's games, the teams are supposed to wear according to their team colours.

And green, for me. The ironic part is, I've been looking for my long-sleeves green shirt EVERYWHERE and finally realised I have NONE. I have shirts of other colours; red, blue, black, yellow, orange, white, pink, brown etc, but no GREEN. Funny. I just realised that TODAY. Perhaps I should borrow one of mum's. Hmmm...!