Sunday, August 20, 2006

Remember the doctor from the hospital? Alah, the one I tried to usha when mum was warded in one of the wards in HKT few months back?

Yup. THE handsome doc.

I met him yesterday, at one of the bookstores in KT. I was on my way back from sending ayah for his bus to KL, and stopped by PSI for a quick newsp and conan. I didn't notice him at first but later realized he was standing next to me, reading a mag -- in his casual wear. Whoooaaahhhh... hensem siot. My first thot was -- HE LOVES READING TOOO! ITS A FATE TO MEET HIM IN A BOOKSTORE! H A H A H A H A H A. Aku dah nyaris nak buat2 sakit perut kat situ (seriously), kot2 la dia datang approach muaahaha, but was heartbroken when a cute-looking woman came and stand beside him. DENGAN MESRE2 NYEEE. Showing him Anjung Seri or sumthin. And later they leave together. Terus tak jadi sakit perut aku. Adoi. Its impossible for him to go out on a date at 10 AM AT A BOOKSTORE with just bermuda and shirt and sandals + the woman was wearing a casual pink shirt and jeans. And their kemesraaannn was wayyy beyond bro-sis. That's it. He must be... a married man.

Now all the good men are officially taken. What's left for me?!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mak still in KL tapi dah kuar hosp dah about 2 weeks back. Ada kat rumah kak yong rehat2. Am going to KL again tonight and stay for the weekend. Dah sebulan macam ni. hehe. Next week turun lagi, sebab ada short course kat UTM Semarak. *Sigh* Letih berulang alik. But of course, I'd rather be in KL with mum and others instead of being in KT alone.

p/s: In process of changing the bground again. This one's too complicated. Hehe.