Sunday, June 18, 2006

38 mins on Czech vs Ghana with Ghana leading by 1-0. Will stay up for Italy - USA game. Dah habit pun tido lambat a day before any long journey so nanti dalam bas aku boleh tido dengan lenanya dan tak payah tertunggu-tunggu bila nak sampai hehe. Rasalah besok ni..

Plus, I'll be a week off from WC.

Aku lapar. Belum dinner. Nak dinner jap (supper dah ni..) then continue for Czech-Ghana 2nd half. I"ll review after Itali's game nanti, with my latest teamlist.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I was warming up to write about the Brazilians encounters last night but suddenly this popped up.

HEy hey Miyyah! :)

*sigh* (never a good sign when one starts an email with a heavily contented sigh)

I can't believe it took me two months to write to you since your last email. And to think that I
have vowed to write as often as possible, I felt like I have broken my vows and therefore am feeling miserable at the moment. For that matter...

I just know this would happen again, Tita. And no, this doesnt excite me anymore. I'm tired, and havent slept for 2 days. Will waive all games tonight.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I didnt get enough sleep... supposedly aku tak bawak kete hari ni tapi last minute kena pool kete aku gak, dah la lambat bangun tadi hehe..

But still think its worth it :P. Worth gilaaaa bersengkang mata tunggu Italy's game. PUAS HATI GILAAA.

Okay, lets start with Aus - Jpn match. Well, I didn't catch the first haf sebab semua org tengok Diari AF, after 9.30 baru bukak 83. 2nd haf baru boleh betul2 concentrate. Nothing interesting, really. And I really think the way they played cam resembled Malaysians ahhaah. Letih nak mengomel depan tv, banyak sangat komen aku muahahah sampai dah tak larat nak membebel :P. After first goal tu, masuk 2nd haf I had secretly wished for Australia to equalize it. I got more than wat I wish for muahahaha. Though I still think if the Australians faced Brazilians or Croatians, they will lose badly hehe. But its nice to see changes once in a while. I was looking forward to the game, eversince Guus Hiddink took the managerial job. I still have some respect towards him on wat he'd done to the Koreans - I think its impressively outstanding, and somehow I know, even if Australians would hardly repeat the history, I could sense that they'll mark their existence in the World Cup this time. And they did! Congrats Australia! Good job Cawell!

Lepas game Aus-Jpn, layan repeat Diari AF jap, then terus continue Czech vs USA. My bet is on Czech and they did win nicely. Definitely one of my choices to go to the Finals. They playe dgreat game, though USA hardly gave them any good challenge. Kira menang senang gilak la ni.. Lepas 2nd haf of the game, aku dah ngantuk2, and thinking that I have to stay up for Italy's game, I took a nap. Bangun kejap game baru habis and I missed the last goal, then tido lagi. Then woke up again 5 minutes to 3 for Italy's game!

I love the way the Azzuris are playing their cards. MUCH better than previous Cups (be it WC or Euro). And unlike Trappatoni, I just LOVE Marcello Luppi! Love how he created such a beautiful team. I was haf expecting to see another defender or midfielder for substitution masa 2nd half tu. A nice surprise to see Del Piero (I still love Luca Toni!!!) on the field. Selalunya Italy lepas 1st gol suka main defend jek, but this time around, they played attacking as well! Great! Takdela boring macam dulu. Dulu susah sngat nak score banyak2, so I hope this time around they'll score better. And the defence, MMUUUAHHHH, Great Nesta! Great Cannavaro! See.. this is why I love Italy. I just love defenders. LONG LIVE ALL THE DEFENDERS IN THE WORLD! By the way, Ghana shows a good fight (especially Michael Essien), so overall, its one GREAT game. Congrats for both teams. :P

See, told u its worth it. So tonight, plan to stay up for Brazil - Croatia. :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Rosak segala program aku. Habis semua plan aku for the next few weeks. Hancur!!!!

First of all, tiba2 baru dapat tau my WHOLE next week will be spent in Kedah again for another UUM course. Aaargggggggggggggghhhhhhhh. Aku baru plan nak turun KL this weekend and take few days off from work. Suddenly this came and I was told its a compulsory. Ayyah! Habis WC aku next week. Still trying tp negotiate so that I wont go, tapi fat chance lah pasal aku sorang je yang ngajar Business Report Writing subject. Urrghh... dahlah subject pecah kepala...

Then another news came. I'll be off to MMU Melaka on 27th - 28th June. Probably will go there a day earlier and be back a day after for a two-day seminar on ELT. Don't mind the seminar tho, cuma rasa mangkuk sket penganjur dia... of all the days in the year, they chose THOSE two days? Oit. Masa tu WC second roundlah. Pening kepala aku. ROSAK LAGI PROGRAM AKUUUUUU!!!!

Semalam tak sempat review Holland's game pasal the kids kept switching the channels. @15 la mostly. Diorang layan ulangan AF yang tengahari. Tonight's game pun susah sket nak layan pasal sure punya diorang layan Diari AF dulu, pastu baru boleh tgk game Australia-Japan. Am looking forward for US-Czech game.

And aku dah nekad, malam ni aku nak tengok jugak Itali vs Ghana. Esok aku buat haf day, or just take the whole day off. Simpan next week pun buat apa...dah kena paksa kerja...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I take back my words.

The Germans will go thru the 2nd round,and maybe the Quarter Finals, looking at the way the whole World Cup being played so far (but they still wont win the Cup)

I thought Germany - Costa Rica's game was frustrating, but England-Paraguay was WORSE.Its not even up to the standard of World Cup! - bukan aku yang cakap ... Shebby yang cakap, and I've to agree with him! Even Ecuador played better. XP

First, you can clearly see that England is useless without Rooney. No wonder the whole nation was freaking out when Rooney screwed his leg. Their whole tactics depended heavily on Rooney. Boring gila. For God's sake, England is full of GREAT individual players, but they are not that great as a team. The blame goes to the screwed up coach. I pity the team, I pity the country. But I never pity Sven Erikson. Never liked the man anyway.

Beckham was okay last nite, not great, just okay. The rest; Owen ke, Crouch ke, Cole ke.. semua ampes. My top pick for the night was Lampard. He''s great, he's totally focused, played well and deserved to be the man of the match. No one else came close. Its just a BORING game, too defensive English and full of fouls. *yawns*

If this is the way England would play their game, the best round they would go will be the Quarter Finals. Dat's all. (Itu pun maybe harap nasib je)

Regret gila x tengok Argentina vs Ivory Coast. The review on their game was much better than the rest. Tonight's most looking forward to game: Serbia vs Holland (9 pm) and Angola vs Portugal (3 am). Wont be watching Portugal's game pasal esok ada kelas, karang budak2 tu present, aku yang tersengguk kat belakang hehe.

Belum decide Selasa nak cuti @ tak. Macam x nak, simpan cuti untuk later games. Minggu depan nak cuti lagi. Tak jadilah.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Germany won't win the World Cup. Trust me.

No offence I do like Jurgen Klinsman. As a player, not a coach. Yeah Germany won against Costa Rica. But seriously, even with 4-2 scores I still hate the way they played the game. Both teams looked VULNERABLE and Please la weh, with that skills, they'll be kicked off by second round. Germany really sucks. The new ball sucks too.

They should have won with more goals. On other thought, they shouldn't have let both goals in. Aiyyoh, defenders tido ka? And seeing how fragile the Germans were, Costa Rica should have scored more goals (I did wish for an equalizer tho) And did I tell you how much I hate the way they played the game? They simply kickandkickandkickandkick the stupid ball. No skills, no excitement, no NOTHING. Like my couz Abang Dan said, "Boring giler Jerman ni main, asyik kat midfielddd je, gol bodoh pun lepas." And I sacrifice my sleep for that haha.

We'll see how England fare tonight.

Btw, my top choices for the world cup.


and I'm looking forward to Japan, Korea and Australia matches.

*been thinking of taking a day off tomorrow. or should it be on tuesday (masa game Italy)?

Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm depressed. Teh Lah cooked tomyam, barbequed chicken, ikan kukus dan telur masin for lunch. Aiyyyooohhhh. Dont think I can survive like this.

Baru day one aku dah depressed dah. Time aku takleh makan godaan dia melampau-lampau tahap cipan. So aku berjaya restrained myself from eating eggs and even the tomyam seafood tu. But ayam? Aiyyyyyyyyoooohh. Cannot tahan lor.

So aku cubit juga sikit.

And automatically violating my so-called pantang.

Erm. Esok je la aku start tak makan ayam.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

* oh. aku promise myself b4 this, selagi tak habis mabuk-mabuk dengan Prison Break, aku nekad taknak tulis blog haha (since tiap kali online tangan gatal je nak gi website torrent haha). And now, since I've OFFICIALLY watched each and every single episode of Prison Break, here I am again hehehe.

* baru balik dari Machang, Kelantan for college promotion.

* terbuat cerekarama lagi dalam renyai hujan dan tiles licin babas sampai jatuh tergolek macam nangka busuk siap ada scene syahdu menangis2 sebab berjaya twistkan tangan kiri aku sampai bengkak2 dan kena urut.

* and suddenly haunted by the "patah tangan" memories (walaupun sebenarnya x patah pun).

* dua-dua tangan aku bengkak2 gatal-gatal dan berbiji-biji merah-merah kecik-kecik macam naik rashes. Dah lama tak kena, tapi aku syak aku allergic ayam balik. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... kurus balik aku camni (dahla degil taknak gi klinik).

* its WORLD CUP season, and since I'm a hooked Azzuri fan (since 98 baruuu) I'll ty to review Italy's matches, kalau sempat.

* Akademi Fantasia? Not yet voting since Kaer (can u believe I voted for him?!) muahahaha but supporting Tganu kiter, Faizal. Orang kampung gua lor.. :) Papepun, World Cup still comes first.