Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This would be one of the longest entry. :)

I was busy looking for old english story books for the kids at school. I remembered having some at home and nekad to find them last night. I came across an old box under my bed that was full of books. I was excited, thinking I've found what I was looking for.

Little that I knew I was in for a surprise. I found this. :)

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This was my autograph back in Form 5. I havent seen this book since 1998, and had thought it was long gone. Of course, I was stunned to see the autograph was neatly kept together with few other books that I'd last seen ages ago (including my first English novel, another autograph of 1994, my penpal letters from Hongkong, my 2000 organiser, an few school notebooks.)

I opened the first page of the autograph and I found this. My first namecard hahahaha!

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And nothing could stop me from laughing when I read back those treasured pasts! Let me read that to you... :)

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This was written by one of my seniors in Matric IIU. Hahahhaha. I was famously known as for my accident-prone skills so.... go figure. :P

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Kak Farah (another senior) wrote this. HEHE. The details of wat really happened that time muaahahahahhaha.

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... and Kak Huda. Ya Allah, betapa immature nya aku dulu!

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And this is Yan's. My roommate masa Matric. One of the coolest girl I've ever found. And she collected the dino stickers purposedly to stick them in my autograph ahahahah.

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Hahahahaha. And this was one of the weirdest autograph signing ever! Hahahahahahahhaha. Done by Ms. Carolina Md Rizal, my coursemate cum housemate in Matric.

It was amazing how I survived my Matric years. :)

And about 80% of the autograph was full with the memories of SPM 1995. The autograph was full with entries dedicated mostly to "Mrs. Shiba" or "Mia Eldabo" or "Stan(um)" - dont let me start on that haahhaahah!! It truly proved the immaturity of the autograph owner hahahahahaha.

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Done by one of the closest friend at school.

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And I was excited when she wrote this. Yeah, I was weird. :)

And there's this one entry from my best friend at school, Che Rohana. A nasyid song entitled "Pertemuan Bukan Milik Kita." Twas like a theme song of our friendship that time. And I can still sing it perfectly! :)

Selalu dalam novels or dramas or movies je ada heroin/ hero terjumpa barang-barang kenangan lama. Memang tak sangkalah aku boleh jadi "heroin" tu semalam. Hahahahhaha. Yelah tu, ini drama aku.

Dan yang paling-paling-paling buat aku excited semalam bila aku jumpa ini terselit di celah-celah organiser lama.

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Lukisan pertama yang memunculkan kegilaan Sahak ahahhahahahahhahahah!

Itu baru first kotak bawah katil tu. Ada lagi dua kotak. Tak tahulah apa lagi yang aku akan jumpa lepas ni. Harap-harap yang baik-baik lagi.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Been to Langkawi for a week. And I also need to change my isolation mode fast. I lost my postpaid sim card so i'm temporarily using a prepaid.*sigh*. I am very good at isolating myself kan. Anyway, check out my fotopages.

Lately, I'm an addict of Miyyah Mya Zara. Selalu ikut Samarinda dua-tiga episod dah bosan, tiba2 for Mya Zara jadi fan tetap haha (now I'm a fan of all tv shows). 2 reasons why I still watch Mya Zara:

1. The title : Mya Zara = should be Miyyah Zara hahahahaha.
2. Azlan a.k.a Ade Putra a.k.a orang jahat hahahah. You know how I always love crooks. And botak (ok he nearly botak). And sweet! He is SOOOOO my taste :P MY TASTE. Biarlah orang lain nampak dia jahat pun. He is MY TASTE.

To all my friends yang tak reti2 lelah nak matchmake aku dengan ntah sape2 yang korang jumpa tepi jalan, I've given you the best example of what type of people you should look for (physically) in finding me a partner. :P Hahahahaa aku tau betapa tingginya taste aku. *Gelak jahat*

Oklah. Abiskanla kisah Encik Ade Putra a.k.a Azlan yang manis.

Btw, I went to Pesta Buku Terengganu yesterday and bought 2 books. Both are written in Malay.

Haha. Of all the books at the Pesta Buku, ampeh satu English novels pun aku tak jumpa. How are they going to promote English in Terengganu when they don't even have light readings for us?! Yang ada books for UPSR, PMR and SPM. Rasanya buku Muet dalam collection aku pun lagi banyak dari kat Pesta Buku tu. Baguslah tu. Budak2 lepas SPM takyah blajar English lagi. Btw, it is really difficult to find English books in Terengganu. The largest bookstore in KT is called Pustaka Seri Intan (PSI). Of course they have "English Novels" section, tapi sebenarnya tak layak panggil section pun. Satu rak aje. They only have major English writers on the shelves. Itupun tak semua ada. *Sigh* Kalau camni sampai bila2 mentaliti orang Terengganu tak berubah..

Anyway, the first book bought at the Pesta Buku was Amaruszati's Kasih Sedingin Salju (yang aku aim dari tahun lepas baru sekarang jumpa) and the second one was this book:

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It was written by Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah and Ahmad Naim Jaafar. Naim was my junior back in UIA. I knew him as a sweet brother, with lots and lots of ideas. We're in Steadfast together, he was in R & D and I was in Special Training. Some people found it difficult to talk to him, because he's just full of philosophies hehe. I found him amusing. When everybody else read Samsiah Mohd Nor, Amaruszati Noor Rahim (me! hehee), he read Edward De Bono, Zig Ziglar. Hahah. And by the time I started my first job, he started his first book, Membina Karisma. He was in his final year that time, and already been selected as the new Steadfast President. :)

I'm glad he finally had the chance to express his ideas in the right channels. Hehe. Good for him.

To bro Naim, congratulations! You made it. If you're reading this, lets just say I'm proud of you. And will be looking forward for more books from you. Bukukan modules pulak ke. Heheh.

See, I told you Steadfast did bring out the best in each of us. :)