Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Ye, boleh saya tolong?"
"Err.. Encik S ada?"
"Dia kat depan sana. Ada apa ye?"
"Taklah. Nak mintak dia tolong photostat..''
"Takpe ah, nanti saya bagi kat dia."
"Ok. Terima kasih eh!"
"Kasih diterimaaa..."

Aku tak cari eh. Dia yang mengoffer diri suruh aku flirt lagi. :p

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Scene A

Me : One way to recognise an Adverb is thru the spelling. Most of "Adverbs" ended with "ly". For example, the words "beautifully", "completely", "happily", "greatly", "hardly" bla bla bla...

Student 1 : Miss, ada "ly" yang bukan Adverb la miss.

Me : Ye la. Not all "Adverbs" ended with "ly". And not all Adverbs need "ly". Give me an example of an ly word that is not an Adverb?

Student 1 : Italy.

Scene B

Me : In showing an action that is going to happen, you have to use Future Tense, to be exact, to put in use the words "will" and "shall". For example, "I will marry you". The use of "will" shows a future action, that is still not happening yet.

Student 2 : Sorry-lah Miss.. I cannot marry you. I already have girlfriend miss. If I dont have, ok je miss. Hehehehe.

Scene C

Me : The use of "Will" needs to be followed by a root word, for example "will cry" and not "will cried." "Will do", "Will kick", "will die", "will read".... give me other examples of "will"..

Student 3 : Will Smith, Miss.

Scene D

Me : All right class, what I want you to do is..to write a short paraghraph -- of about 6-7 sentences on this topic: "What will I be in 10 years' time?" (credit still to Rafthah) -- using Simple Future Tense. Write NOW. And present it in front of the class.

The Dreamy Student : I will be a successfull businessman. I will have my own company. I will have four daughters. I will have a bungalow. I will have swimming pool, jacuzzi, glass door and 2 BMWs at my house. I will also have 2 maids for my family and a butler for me. I will live happily ever after with my family.

The Most Ambitious Student: I will be a contractor Class A. I will have my own company. I will have 2 bungalows, and 3 cars. BMW for me, Estima for my family and Evo also for me. I will marry someone who look like Siti Nurhaliza. I will have 2 wives and 5 kids.I will also own a penthouse near KLCC.

The Confused Student: I will be a successful mechanic in Ketengah Jaya. I will work at Ketengah Jaya. I will live at Ketengah Jaya and I will have 2 bungalows. I will bring my parents and my wife to go to Mekah for Haji because at that time I will have a lot of money working as a mechanic.

The Jiwang Student : In 10 years' time, I will be one of the richest man in the world. I will have money to help the poor and the needy. I will send my parents and my wife for Hajj. I will also bring my wife to travel all around the world. I will bring her to Paris, London, Italy and other countries. I will buy anything she wants. I will send flowers to my wife everyday. I will always tell her that I love her and miss her when she's not around. I will tell her that I'm happy to marry her. And I will be happy with my wife and my family forever.

The Gothic Student : I will be a successful businessman. I will have my own business and will be very successful. I will have beautiful bungalow at Kuala Lumpur and will own a BMW. I will marry my old girlfriends. I will live happily with my family. After 30 years, I will die peacefully.

Parts of what I love about teaching. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kata ayahanda
Dia anakanda mulia
Akur kata orang tua
Kaya budi bahasa

Kata bonda
Dia anakanda tercinta
Bicara penuh cerita
Dengarnya penuh makna

Kata mereka
Dia anak pintar
Berbalas budi ayahbonda
dengan bangga ukur semesta

Kata aku
Dia anugerah terindah
yang kami miliki.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Untuk adinda Wan Ahmad Asyraf Wan Md Adnan, yang berjejak kaki ke dingin Aberdeen, Scotland. Cinta dan doa kami untukmu.

21 September 2005.
Setiu, Terengganu.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

20 years ago (1985 - 7 years of age)

* Still living in Pulau Duyong. Had to travel to and fro with bot penambang.
* Kak Yong was in Year 4 and a prefect. So selalu rasuah pengawas pintu pagar supaya nama tak masuk record book :P
* Muntah dalam kelas. cara menarik perhatian yang cukup berjaya dan bergaya. Dapat service 1st class kat bilik guru lepas tu.
* One of the best students in year one.
* Representing school in Tarik Upih coz I was so small and light. Won 1st place haha.
* The selekeh me; baby-doll hair (sampai tutup mata), pinafole (without belt), dirty socks and shoes.

15 years ago (1990 - 12 years of age)

* Was in my 3rd year in SKGK (Year 6 Cempaka)
* Adddicted to Moero Attack - gila main volleyball guna bola plastik kat court sepak takraw
* Kaki gaduh dengan budak laki @ bodyguard budak2 pompuan berebut court takraw haha.
* Had total authority to (I'm too naughty to be a prefect) pecah masuk tv room to watch tv.
* Tag team with my cousins and my bro Hafiz for our routine activities (panjat bukit, race basikal sampai darah mulut and wrestling haha)
* Got 3A 1B untuk UPSR. Surprisingly got B for my English and 100% marks for Maths hahahahaha. (How ironic)
* The tomboyish me; short hair, rough, hot-tempered, naughty, samseng Gong Kapas, a wrestler.

10 years ago (1995 - 17 years of age)

* Preparing half-heartedly for SPM. Selalu kena marah dengan mak sebab pemalas to the max nak belajar.
* No interest whatsoever in studying. I was forced to take Accounts, Economics and Arabics for SPM. Sucks.
* Also settled for English 1119. Tiap Sabtu turun naik bas pegi sekolah untuk kelas 1119. Kesempatan untuk merayau2 kat bandar KT. Hari lain jangan harap ayahbonda nak bagi.
* Enjoying my pathetic teenage years kat SHAMS.
* Bermulanya status stalker berhemah kat skolah. Suka ngendap/ngintip orang haha.
* Addicted to writing diary.
* SURPRISINGLY passed my SPM with 1st Aggregate hahahaha. Overall scores: 3 for the overrated BM, 2 for English, striked 4 for Syariah, QS, Sejarah, Maths and Accounts haha, got 7 for Arabic and an amazing 8 for Economics. Cool. Bahasa Arab aku lagi terer pada Ekonomi haha.
* Apply for some absurd courses after SPM - Laws - Kusza, IT - Kusza, Town Planning -UTM, Accounts - ITM.. gilos. Tak pikir langsung!
* The growing-pain me; absurd dressing (shocking pink kurung, white tudung labuh with striking green bag/ yellow shirt, yellow trousers and yellow tudung - imagine that!), make-up free, a bit nerdy and a freak.

5 years ago (2000 - 22 years of age)

* One of the most historical years in my life.
* Safe and sound in UIA, BENL 3rd year student.
* Growing fond of STEADFAST.
* Fell in love for the first time.
* Depressed year - flop satu subjek, baru nak sedar dan baru nak insaf.
* ADDICTED to Internet. Gila chatting kat #iiu.
* Tag team blind date dengan Tita kat One Utama. :P (or is it in 2001?)
* My then current best friends were Syaer, Tita, Nib, Diha, Bin, As and Feeda.
* Started my first online diary. But was too freaked out to publish it openly.
* Bought my first Nokia 3210. Hotlink.
* the fashion-freak me; XL size shirt, baggy pants, sandals, only had bedak Johnson for my make-up.

3 years ago (2002 - 24 years of age)

* Had officially published this blog online (with lots of guts of course)
* Graduated successfully (at least for me) in BENL. But NO flowers on my graduation day.
* First part-time job as the r.a for one of the most hated lecturer in history of DELL hehe.
* Been broken-hearted on my birthday.
* First proper job at a blood-sucking motor vehicle company.
* Moved to the nowhereland in Klang.
* Started turning my life upside down.
* The changing me; a complete wardrobe-change - blouses, slacks, jackets, hills. and yeah. I started wearing handbags. and lipsticks.

Last year (26 years of age)

* Still turning life upside down in Klang.
* Suffered herpes zoster a.k.a kayap in early days of 2004.
* Workaholic. Normal working days would start at 9 am and ends at 9 pm.
* Not ready No time for any serious relationship.
* A sucker for Akademi Fantasia haha.
* Had huge blasts in Haadyai and Jakarta. Kapan deh mau ke sana lagi?
* Start paying for my first car (previously Kak Yong's) - Iswara 1.3, officially named TA'A.
* The transformed me; had a complete set of make-ups - compacts, lipsticks, gloss, liners, eyeshadows, foundation, blushers etc. Up-to-date wears. But still the same clumsy-accident-prone me. hehe.

This year (turning 27 years of age)

* Officially decided to come home after nine years of dagang hamba musafir lalu in KL.
* Total transformation of life. New days have come.
* Started the new job on 16th May 2005. How
* Starting to love the new life in KT. + Setiu.
* CLEO to Jelita, Hitz FM to Era FM, Star to Berita Harian. Sweet.
* Still going to and fro KL -KT.
* My dear cousins, Jay, Nadiah got married this year.
* Find out matchmakings suck.

Next year (the upcoming 28)

* Better pay.
* Better future.
* Nearer office.
* Will finish paying for TA'A. Yeay!
* May start enrolling in a respectable uni for MA, Insya Allah.

Ten years from now (2015 - going to be 37)

* Have my MA.
* May be pursuing for PhD overseas.
* Hutang-free life.
* Have my own house.
* Starting a tadika/ artshop/ bookshop/ reading centre.
* Happily married, Insya Allah. if i ever get married la eheh

Credit to Rafthah.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Aku doakan segalanya sempurna. Sempurna untuk aku, sempurna untuk kau, dan sempurna juga untuk mereka juga.

Manusia boleh berubah sekelip mata. Aku manusia. Engkau juga manusia. Mereka juga punya sifat manusia yang sama. Sekelip matakah kami boleh berubah. Sesaat masakah hati manusia berpaling arah?

Cerita itu aku terima dengan gamam di hati. Antara tidak percaya dan ragu-ragu. Menafikan tidak mampu, mengiyakan juga tidak upaya. Siapa aku untuk berkata benar jika benar itu bukan datang dari aku?

Kisahkanlah kawan. Aku tunggu.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I should have written this on 31st of August 2005.

HAPPY BELATED 1ST BIRTHDAY to the most adorable kid in the world, Ahmad Afiq Najmi bin Ahmad.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Cik Mi loves you very much, dear. Cepat besar tau!

And I should also write this on 1st of September 2005.

HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY to one of the sweetest persons I'vew ever met, Ms. Sharina Jaafar.

(pic will be uploaded later)

Akak loves you too, dear. To someone who knows her, please tell E-na that I miss her so much and I have NO idea how to contact her.